Fact Sheets

We understand that deciding what type of Will you want to create is often a confusing and difficult task. At Carter Bond Wills & Probate we believe in a transparent open communication system to keep you informed of our services.

On this page you will find some information on topics we are often asked about. If there is any information you are looking for that is not mentioned here, please feel free to contact us.


Excluding someone from your Will

We understand that sometimes creating a Will is not as simple as “I wish to leave all my assets to my immediate family”. In cases we have seen there can be times where clients do not want certain individuals to benefit from their assets upon death.


Pets in your Will

When creating a Will, most people will only be concerned with human beings that will benefit. We understand that pets are valuable member of any family, learn more on how you can protect their future.


Deed of Variation

This type of document allows beneficiary to change their inheritance entitlements by varying the distribution of their assets